Why Do Women Crave Chocolate On Their Periods?

You suddenly feel like there are not enough sweets, ice cream, or chocolate bar in the world to satisfy all your cravings when your period arrives in a few days. It’s almost like your body is returning to the sweet-snacking days of your childhood. However, you are more aware of your growing waistline.

Why do you crave chocolate while on your period? Blame your hormones.

What makes you crave chocolate during your period?

Your body adjusts to ovulation and begins the normal cycle of shedding its skin and other toxins. The levels of the hormone serotonin decrease and insulin levels rise.

This dangerous combination makes it tempting to reach for mood-enhancing foods such as chocolate, which is a sweet mixture of fat and sugar. However, glucose-leveling insulin can make you crave sweet treats to increase your blood sugar.

A drop in progesterone or estrogen production can also make you hungry, especially for comfort food cravings that contain sugar, carbs, and calcium. This could explain why you are craving chocolate during your period. A drop in estrogen can lead to insulin resistance changes, which can trigger cravings and weight gain. This happens more often in the second half of your menstrual cycle.

You are not the only one. Many women feel a strong craving for chocolate during their period. It’s no surprise that chocolate is a favorite treat of many people. You will naturally reach for comfort foods when you experience hormonal changes.

You can reduce your chocolate cravings by adding more complex carbohydrates to your diet. They are healthier and can help you feel fuller, lower your blood sugar, and relieve cramps. Consider whole grains and legumes.

You can get a double dose of magnesium and calcium by eating foods rich in both magnesium and calcium such as leafy greens or porridge with milk.

Are chocolate and periods good for you?

It isn’t a good idea to eat junk food. However, it is okay to indulge in junk food if it makes you feel better. Be mindful of what you eat and choose healthier comfort foods.

A stimulant in chocolate, theobromine, can be used to provide an extra incentive if you already have cramps. There is no need for more cramping. Moreover, the sugar will likely make you feel more emotional when you are dealing with PMS mood swings.

The combination of stimulants, sugar, and caffeine can increase your unhealthy cravings when you don’t need them. To tide you over, consider taking a calcium supplement.

Dark chocolate is a good choice for you, as it can help you feel more balanced. It has fewer sweeteners, and more cocoa and provides a satisfying dose of magnesium without the crash and sugar high.

It can also help your muscles relax, which may ease your cramps.

Dark chocolate’s omega-3- and omega-6 ingredients help you feel happy and less stressed. You’ll feel more energetic and your skin will be healthier.

A small amount of sugary chocolate can help you feel better for a short time, but you should stick to dark chocolate if you need more. You may find it helps you cope with PMS.

Disclaimer: This information is intended to address some of your concerns or questions. For professional medical advice, speak to your family doctor.

You find yourself reaching for the candy bar every month. You may also experience other unpleasant symptoms like PMS. Your diet and health can be affected by your increased desire for the sweet tooth. Why do women crave consuming chocolate while on their period? Is it a good thing?

What causes chocolate cravings?

At the beginning of menstrual cycles, women are more likely to crave chocolate. This is when hormone levels are higher, which can be triggered by an increased insulin level. An increase in insulin can cause a drop in blood sugar. You may find yourself craving candy bars or chocolate when your blood sugar drops.

You may also notice a drop in estrogen and progesterone levels during this period, which can cause you to feel hungry. These hormones have a significant impact on your body and undergo major changes during your regular period. They aren’t the only reason we crave chocolate.

Your body needs calcium, sugar, and carbs, regardless of whether you are PMSing or just having a bad cramp. These three ingredients are often combined in chocolate. Although your body doesn’t ask you to eat chocolate bars, it does so by asking for these ingredients.

Nearly half of American women feel a stronger craving for chocolate during perimenstrual cycles. It’s no surprise that chocolate is one of our favorite foods. We reach for it even when we aren’t feeling well. Because chocolate is often associated with feelings of happiness, we are more likely to crave it for emotional benefits.

Is it good for your period to eat chocolate?

It may not be a good idea to reach for chocolate whenever you feel the urge. Although you should enjoy chocolate in moderation, it is not a good idea to overindulge. Theobromine, a stimulant found in chocolate, can cause pain and discomfort.

Extremely sweet chocolate may make you feel more emotional. Your emotions can quickly get muddled when sugar, caffeine, or theobromine are combined in greater quantities. A calcium supplement is a good option if you are craving sweet chocolate after your period. It won’t taste as good as chocolate but it will provide your body with what it needs.

Dark chocolate is an exception

Dark chocolate is here to save the day, as usual. You can get some benefits from dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and more. It has been shown to reduce muscle tension, which can ease cramps and soreness. You can also reduce pain by increasing your endorphin levels.

Dark chocolate is rich in omega-3 and 6 as well as magnesium. This can help you feel happier. Dark chocolate won’t cause a sugar crash or sugar high like super sweet chocolate. Dark chocolate can help you feel happier and less stressed.

Some studies have shown that dark chocolate can improve your skin’s appearance in certain cases. Many women experience unwanted breakouts and worsening acne during their periods. Dark chocolate may be a good option for your skin.

Dark chocolate might be an option if you feel tired or irritable during your period. Dark chocolate contains a lot of iron, which is why many women feel tired during their periods. Dark chocolate can make you feel more energetic and compensate for any iron that you don’t have.

You can eat super sweet chocolate if you want to while on your period. You shouldn’t have to limit your chocolate intake or cause side effects. If you are really hungry for chocolate, 70% dark chocolate is the best choice. Dark chocolate is a great choice for health benefits and does not increase your discomfort or pain.