What Do Women Want From Relationships?

What Women Want in a Relationship

Some women are straightforward about their needs and wants. Others, not so much! Generally speaking, a few key things are highly desirable in relationships. Take trust and respect, for instance. Those are two tried and true qualities that women love to have in relationships.

Of course, we’re going to generalize in this article, so keep in mind that every woman is different! But understanding fundamental relationship desires will help in your quest to have a successful, healthy relationship with a woman. So, let’s get into some valuable truths about what women want in relationships.

How to Know If You’re Giving Your Partner What They Want

The first step is figuring out if you’re even providing what your lover wants. And, believe us, some people never even consider this. Your curiosity about what your partner wants implies that you’re already headed down the right path, so congrats! It’s a good starting point.

So then, how do you go about finding out if your partner’s picking up what you’re putting down? How do you know you’re providing everything they need? Our first strategy may seem obvious, but it’s to ask them. Simply ask if your partner’s needs and wants are met.

Even the act of inquiring about the topic could be enough to get an extremely fruitful conversation going. 

Here are a few sample questions to try:

  • “What do you want to see more of in our relationship?”
  • “How do you think I could do a better job of providing what you want?”
  • “What are my weaknesses in our relationship, and how could I improve?”
  • “What are some actions I can take to make you happy or support you better?”

If your first impulse at these questions is to cringe, you’re not alone. It’s enormously difficult to ask vulnerable questions like these. But if you want to guarantee you’re making your woman happy and giving her what she wants, you’ve got to communicate vulnerably like this. These tough conversations are worth having.

The Importance of Communication in Relationships

Welcome to a detailed section all about communication. You may be rolling your eyes, but the importance of this topic simply cannot be overlooked. Communication is key to understanding what women want in a relationship, so get ready to take notes. Honest, open communication is required. It prevents your partner from feeling out of touch or on a totally different page. What’s more, it fosters mutual respect. See, it’s a win-win!

Use these tips to work on your communication skills in your relationship:

Set Aside Time to Talk

It’s far too easy to get swept away in our busy lives. Doing so can lead to neglect in relationships. That’s why we recommend booking times to discuss the status and well-being of your relationship. Have these talks regularly – perhaps weekly or monthly.

Offer Your Full Attention

Be mindful and fully aware while you talk to your partner. Listening to her needs is critical, especially if you’ve just asked a profound question. Put away anything that may distract you and focus on what she’s saying.

Be Honest

You know the old saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” And it’s true; healthy relationships require honesty. You must be honest to your partner, and she, in turn, must be honest and clear when she communicates her desires. Honesty fosters trust, a firm foundation to grow your love.

Ask Questions

Are you unclear about something your partner tried to tell you? Do you feel fuzzy about her requests or boundaries? There’s a straightforward solution: Ask questions. Questions open the doors to answers that will help you give your woman exactly what she wants.

Tips for Making Your Relationship Stronger

Relationships have the power to bring immense joy or devastating heartbreak, and it all comes down to our choices. You can take action, starting today, to improve your relationship. The choices you make could impact your bond for the better and create lasting change. If you’re interested in strengthening your relationship, consider the tips below!

1. Practice Your Communication Skills

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let’s cover this once more. Open and honest communication requires vulnerability and courage. Clearly communicating your own desires and openly hearing out those of your partner are helpful skills to build mutual trust. More trust leads to a stronger relationship.

2. Spend Time Together Doing Things You Both Enjoy

When was the last time the two of you went out and had fun? Letting loose is a great way to dust off a stale relationship. It strengthens your connection and sparks your love. When you spend meaningful time together, it opens the doors to new activities or conversations that may lead to breakthroughs in your relationship. Make a habit of it, and watch your connection thrive!

3. Support Each Other

Supporting your woman builds trust between the two of you. When you encourage your partner through whatever ups and downs come her way, you’re showing her you care. It’s also a way to open the door for her to communicate feedback. Support may even be just the thing she needs… and wants!

4. Put Your Needs and Wants on the Table

Of course, relationships require a give and take. Yes, you want to meet her needs. But you also should be honest about yours. If you feel you’re constantly giving but never receiving, just bring it up. Make sure your partner knows what you want, too. 

5. Make an Effort to Show Your Partner How Much You Love and Appreciate Them

Expressing gratitude works wonders in relationships of any kind, especially romantic ones. Whether it’s an outright “thank you” or a long ballad of gratitude, your appreciation can go a long way. Tell your partner the little (and big) things you love about them. Show them, too. Don’t be shy! Give your partner the love she deserves freely and consistently.

How to Deal With Common Problems in Relationships

Now, let’s address some issues that could arise in your relationships. These issues could thwart your plans to give a woman what she wants in a relationship, so they’re worth understanding. 

Communication Problems

Here we go again with the topic of communication! It influences your relationship somehow, but it’s up to you whether it’s for better or worse. Communication problems can rip a dagger right through the heart of your relationship. Pinpoint what your issue with communication is and tackle it head-on to prevent ongoing rifts.

Trust Issues

If either you or your partner has trust issues, buckle up, because you’re in for a bumpy ride. When trust fails, a relationship is threatened. Things like dishonesty and betrayal can severely damage trust in relationships. Even so, there’s hope. Work together to meet each other’s needs on this topic. What do you both need to give to resolve your trust issues? Talk to each and seek counseling if needed.


Do you or your partner get bouts of jealousy? Some jealousy could be normal, but it’s not healthy if you constantly feel jealous of your partner. Both of you need space to breathe and be individuals and be present with people outside your relationship. So, work on reining in those jealousy issues. They may stem from within, so reflect on your feelings to find out the root cause.

Financial Problems

A leading cause of breakups is stress due to financial issues. So, if you and your partner struggle with finances, it’s a good time to address that. Talk about your financial plans and motivate each other toward financial goals. Address differences you have when it comes to money.

Do you have different values concerning finances? Perhaps one of you has a healthier relationship with money. If so, bridge the gap and join forces. In this area, two are better than one!

On your quest to strengthen your relationship and give your woman what she wants, don’t be discouraged when there are setbacks. No relationship’s perfect. They all take work. And when in doubt, talk out your problems with a licensed couples’ therapist. It will really help put everything on the table and propel your relationship to new heights.

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