10 Easy Ideas for How to Style a Graphic Tee

Looking to express yourself and add some flair to your wardrobe? Graphic tees are perfect for that! If you just got your hands on a brand new graphic tee that you’re dying to style (or if you want one), this article’s for you. Styling graphic tees isn’t always a cakewalk, but we’ve got you covered!

What’s a Graphic Tee?

To clear things up, graphic tees are short-sleeved shirts (usually cotton or some mixture of it) that have a design printed on them. 

Graphic tee designers sure get creative with them. You can find any number of niche designs, sayings, logos, etc., on graphic tees. 

In fact, you can even design your own graphic tee on some sites. Buy them in bulk and use them for group events, like family reunions or sports games. They might be screen-printed or embroidered. The level of variety with these cotton garments is through the roof, and that’s what makes them so fun to work with!

Start With Your Taste When Styling a Graphic Tee

Like any other fashion choice, feel free to be you! Let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to let your unique style shine. The exciting part about graphic tees is that you can certainly find out to suit your taste. 

👚 Choose a Graphic Tee That Speaks to You

Keep an open mind while you peruse graphic tees. You’ll undoubtedly find one that stands out. You might not even be sure why you like it. Some graphic tees simply speak to people. 

The saying could resonate with you, or it could be just the right color scheme. It could showcase an animal or band or food that you like. It could make you laugh or make you think. Whatever way it speaks to you will be unique to you.

Remember to stay focused on what your style is. Don’t feel pressured to wear a graphic tee because someone else is. This is for you.

Make your style stand out by really leaning into the vibe you select. Is it quirky, cute, or grungy? Is it bold or delicate? Are you trying to make people feel a certain way or react a certain way to a message on the shirt? Think about all these things as you ponder how to style your graphic tee.

👚 Pair It With the Right Bottoms

Next, you’ll want to start thinking about what you’ll wear on the bottom. Will it be wide-legged jeans? Snazzy trousers? A skirt? The beauty of wearing graphic tees is that you can wear them with just about anything to achieve a particular style.

👚 Layer and Accessorize

Adding layers to your ‘fit will give you an edge in the style department. Do you want to throw flannel over the tee or tie one around your waist to bring a casual feeling to it? What about putting on a blazer? If your graphic tee is off the shoulders, layer a tank top beneath it.

For colder days, add a scarf or wear your graphic tee over a turtleneck. You can wear a heavy cardigan that matches the color scheme of your tee. Throw some jewelry on that fits the vibe of your tee for good measure.

how to style a graphic tee to show off your individual style
You can style graphic tees in various ways to pull off your unique style.

👚 Get the Right Size

Graphic tees come in a huge range of designs, and they come in just about every shape and size, too. Some people prefer to snag oversized graphic tees and tie them up or belt them. Others want a graphic tee that fits them just right. 

Some graphic tees are extra fitted, so you can show off your muscles and curves. Droopy shoulders are another look that gives a graphic tee extra pizazz. When selecting a size, read the sizing chart on the product information.

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10 Fun Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

1. Add Jewelry and Bags to the Look

Add some spice to your graphic tee outfit with necklaces, big earrings, bracelets, and a matching bag. Do you want to wear your whole ring collection to add some sparkle to the outfit? Or wear your absolute favorite necklace? Go for it! 

Accessorizing with graphic tees is easy because the possibilities are endless. Shirts like this can be dressed up by simply adding a piece of jewelry or two. And when it comes to the bag, choose whatever you like. Will you carry a petite bag or a large over-the-shoulder bag? 

Try on multiple options to figure out which accessories you like wearing best with each graphic tee you have. Of course, mix and match as you please.

Women Summer Fashion Red Lips Graphic Tshirt Dresses Leopard Tongue Graphic O-Neck Short Sleeve Mini Casual Loose Dress

2. Pair It With Distressed Denim

Frayed jean shorts or full-length jeans were made for graphic tees, were they not? This look is perfect year-round, and you can pull it off just about anywhere.

So, don your favorite pair of distressed denim pants and throw on your graphic tee. Tucked or untucked, you’ll look fabulous.

For a slightly cleaner look, wear non-frayed jeans that are a darker shade of denim. Toss on a pair of heeled sandals or booties, and you’re good to head out!

Women Workout Graphic Tank Funny Hike More Worry Less Tee Tops Hiking Tshirt Sleeveless Comfy Tank, Purple S

3. Tie It Off

Tucking in your graphic tee is one option. Letting it hang loose is another. But tying a cute knot on the front of your graphic tee is trendy and convenient. 

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4. Accessorize With Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses can really spice up a graphic tee. And the beauty of this combination is that there are so many variations in the “hats and sunglasses” category. 

Wear your most elegant pair of shades with a sunhat for a classy look. Or opt for some chunky sunglasses and throw on a baseball cap. 

If you want to go incognito, there’s no better way than to wear a hat and shades. This combo will likely draw more eyes to the design of your shirt, so it’s a win-win.

Womens Beach Vacation Casual Tank Tops Heartbeat Graphic Print Vest Summer Sleeveless Tee T-Shirt(S) Blue

5. Classic Jeans and Sneakers

Ah, the classic look of a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. The details change with time, but you have to admit that this look is timeless.

Wear comfy sneakers and worn-in jeans to rock your graphic tee in the most comfortable way possible.

T Shirt for Women Sunflower Shirt Flower Graphic Inspirational Tees Summer Short Sleeve Casual Tshirt Faith Shirt Top Blue

6. Graphic Tee + Skirt Combo

Denim skirts in just about any color make a striking combination with a graphic tee. Wear a long, flowy skirt for a Bohemian look, or keep it short for a cute vibe. Midi skirts with graphic tees and white sneakers are a stunning outfit, perfect for strolling city streets.

Binshre Womens Nashville Tshirt Tennessee Country Concert Graphic Tees Guitar Wings Rock and Roll T Shirts for Women Pink

Black leather skirts pair nicely with bold, white-based graphic tees.

BLACKMYTH Women Summer Funny Print Short Sleeve Top Tee Graphic Cute T-Shirt White Medium

7. Wear It as a Dress

You read that right! If you buy an extended graphic tee that’s long enough, you can wear it as a dress. Belt it for a unique look. Throw on some tights and boots for an edgy flair. 

This is a perfect outfit during the summer when dresses are the breeziest clothing choice. Graphic tees as dresses pair well with sandals of any variety.

Good Vibes Rainbow O-Neck Mini Dress Casual Summer Vacation Camping Women Sleeveless Funny Letter Graphic Rainbow Dress (X-Large,Dark Grey)

8. Top With a Bomber Jacket

Do you have a bomber jacket on hand? When you’re looking at winter edition choices for your graphic tee, bomber jackets or moto jackets are functional and stylish. 

Throw them on over your favorite graphic tee and wear jeans, a skirt, or trousers. This outfit choice will be sure to receive compliments.

Women's Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket PU Slim Short Biker Coat (M, Black)

9. Layer Up Your Graphic Tee With a Cardigan

Ready to go boho? It’s easy if you have a cardigan in your closet. Pick a long cardigan and layer it on top of your tee. 

It’s great for cooler weather, but you can also keep a cardigan nearby if you plan on being indoors all day. The combination elevates the style of your graphic tee.

Gnpolo Lightweight Summer Cardigan for Women Spring Netted Crochet Cardigans Sweaters Beige

10. Wide-Leg Pants

Flowy, long, wide-leg pants go well with all kinds of tops. And luckily for us, graphic tees are one of those suitable tops. 

If you have more of a fitted graphic tee, pair it with any color or pattern of wide-leg pants. A solid color will make your graphic tee stand out more, while a pattern on your pants will add a burst of invigoration to the ‘fit.

BerryGo Women's Boho High Waist Split Stripe Wide Leg Pants Rust Red Stripe,L

Cropped graphic tees go nicely with high-waisted wide-leg pants. Pair that combo with some delicate open-toe heels, and you’re ready for a gals’ night out.

Show off your unique style with a graphic tee.

Experiment to Find What’s Best for You

We’ve thrown a lot at you, but don’t be overwhelmed. Remember, you can throw together outfits at any time and switch it up. The graphic tee is the perfect base for such a wide range of styles that you’ll have limitless potential with it.

Keep experimenting to find a style that feels comfy and looks great so you’re proud to wear your graphic tee out and about. Try getting multiple graphic tees in different styles. Sooner or later, you’ll have outfits you can’t wait to wear.

Whether you choose to add jewelry, a jacket, a hat, or simply wear your tee with jeans, you’ll rock the look. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable in.

The Takeaway: Styling a Graphic Tee Showcases Your Style

Now that you have these ideas, what will you do with them? Perhaps you already thought of a few outfit ideas based on what you already have in your closet. Whatever your choice of style is, the most important thing is that it’s uniquely yours. And that’s what makes it phenomenal!

how to style a graphic tee shirt

Graphic tees are so versatile, they’re a great wardrobe staple. Whether you’re working on a Mamma Mia themed outfit, or just hanging around with your friends, these styling tips will help keep you fresh.