Asymmetrical Face Exercises for a Youthful Glow

Facial symmetry has long been the gold standard of beauty. Shockingly, only 2.08% of people have symmetrical faces. When you look in the mirror, it may not be immediately apparent that your face is a little asymmetrical, but there’s a high chance that it is.

While it’s perfectly normal for your features to be slightly different on the right and left sides, you may be intrigued by what it’d take to make your face more symmetrical. In this article, we’ll show you a few asymmetrical face exercises and explain everything you need to know about facial asymmetry. Let’s get started!

Why Is My Face So Asymmetrical?

We’ll start by covering the ins and outs of what causes asymmetry. Getting to know how facial asymmetry works will help you feel more comfortable with the topic and understand what can (or can’t) be done about it.

As you read through these points, try to assess which ones affect you the most. Without further ado, check out these top causes of facial asymmetry.

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You’re not in control of your genetics, but we don’t need to tell you that! Depending on the genes you inherit, your face may contain more asymmetrical features. All we can do is hope that the best of your parents’ genes were passed to you! No matter what, you can work with the cards you were dealt to improve your facial features.

Sun Damage

Are you always chasing a sun-kissed look? Think twice, because tanned or burned skin is damaged skin. Overexposing your skin to the sun’s UV rays will cause more permanent damage over time.

You may encounter premature aging or wrinkles as a result, so wear your sunscreen and try to limit time in the sun. Asymmetrical sun spots or wrinkles can pop up, depending on sun exposure. 

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Your skin will naturally lose elasticity and plumpness over time. It’s a natural process that can’t be reversed, no matter how many “elixir of life” products you may try. Preventing sun damage is the most critical thing you can do to prevent aged-looking skin, but it will inevitably happen.

Undereye circles, deep creases around your mouth or on your forehead, and a sagging chin can all create an asymmetrical look.

Lifestyle Habits

Do you always sleep on your right side with your cheek against the pillow? Over time, the wrinkles formed there will cause a bit of asymmetry. If you apply pressure multiple hours a day to one side or part of your face, it’ll cause asymmetry in a similar manner. 

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Make sure you’re treating your skin correctly. The best facial for dry skin is very different from the way you should treat oily skin.

How to Fix Facial Asymmetry Naturally

You have a good understanding of all the ways that asymmetrical facial features occur. Now it’s time to learn how to fix this issue. And yes, we have ideas besides invasive, expensive surgeries. Here’s where asymmetrical face exercises enter the stage!

Facial exercises are free of cost and don’t cause any pain. They require relatively little effort and just a meager time commitment. Sounds good, right? We think so, too. Besides the low barrier of entry, face exercises strengthen specific muscles and prevent asymmetry. These repetitive movements require just a bit of knowledge, so let’s dig in.

Face Yoga: How Can It Fix a Lopsided Face?

Work toward restoring your facial symmetry by giving face yoga a try. Here are the two main reasons these types of asymmetrical face exercises work:


When you think of resistance training, lifting weights or using exercise bands around your legs might come to mind. Just as resistance training can tone your arm and leg muscles, it tones your facial muscles. Strengthening your jaw, cheeks, and chin by using asymmetrical face exercises may result in a more toned appearance. Firm muscles help your skin appear less saggy.


Collagen production declines with age. But you can help your body stimulate collagen production, which will help combat asymmetry. Collagen helps your skin stay firm and plump and even makes up about a third of all the protein in your body. So, more collagen means better-looking skin.

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More elasticity means less prominent lines and wrinkles. The result? A more symmetrical face.

Simple Face Yoga Exercises to Target an Asymmetrical Face

If your cheeks are looking a little lopsided, you’ll want to listen up. These asymmetrical facial exercises will help you tone up your facial muscles to even out your face. The best part? You can do any of these effective exercises at home, anytime!

Asymmetrical Facial Fix #1 – Half Wink

Where does it target facial asymmetry? In your eyes.

Ready for the first face yoga pose? This first pose targets your eyes. The lower and upper eyelids have very delicate tissue around them that may begin to sag over time and cause asymmetry.

To do this pose, hold your eyelid in a half-winking position. It’ll look like you are squinting, but be careful not to lower your eyebrow. Place a finger on top of your eyelid as you lower your eyelid. You should feel a slight pull. With your finger in place, try to close your eyelid completely against the pressure of your finger. 

Repetitions: 20 times per eye.

Asymmetrical Facial Fix #2 – The Cheek Puffer

Where does it target facial asymmetry? In your cheeks.

Puffing up your cheeks while gently exhaling for five or more seconds will help strengthen your cheek muscles. This move could help with jowl symmetry, and besides that, it’s quite the relaxing face yoga pose. Take a few seconds to try the Cheek Puffer now!

Repetitions: 10 times.

Asymmetrical Facial Fix #3 – The Face Stretch

Where does it target facial asymmetry? In your lower face.

Cover your teeth with your lips, pull your upper lip down (using your facial muscles), and look up. You should feel a gentle stretch in your frontal face muscles. You can wiggle your upper lip from side to side to feel more of a stretch in the muscles above your upper lip. 

Repetitions: 20 times.

Any new fitness or health routine requires your total effort and commitment. It’s best to find a time of day to do these asymmetrical face exercises and stick to it. Try adding them to your morning routine or during your nightly wind-down. They’re perfect for any level of yoga practitioner, so what are you waiting for?

Surgical Ways to Treat Facial Asymmetry

Let’s say you’ve tried facial exercises and many other strategies, but you still have lingering facial asymmetry. What do you do? Well, you could consider speaking with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for more drastic options. Below are a few possibilities if you’d like to go this route.


Fillers like Botox help correct the issue of facial asymmetry. They can also prevent facial asymmetry that occurs with age. These treatments are called “soft fillers,” and they’re injected under the skin. 

Note that facial fillers aren’t permanent. You would need to get more filler treatments every so often, usually every few months. Even so, they’re one method of reducing tissue imbalance that could work quickly.

Facial Implants

Implants may sound scary if you’re new to the world of cosmetic intervention, but don’t worry! They’re actually a popular option. If you’re thinking of facial implants, consider a consult with a licensed professional to see how your facial symmetry could benefit from them.

Implants help correct chin and cheek imbalances, so if that sounds like what you need, check it out. 

Note that, unlike fillers, implants are permanent. You may opt for implants made from silicone, metal, plastic, or gel. Remember, a permanent decision like this requires careful thought. Ensure you have all the information you need before going forward.


Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery to correct your nose. This procedure may result in a dramatically transformed face. Rhinoplasties are major surgeries that help drastically with facial asymmetry issues, but like facial implants, you should carefully consider the decision to undergo one of these.