What Should A Husband Do During Periods?

Ask anyone who has had a period: Having sex during a cycle can be a little stressful. Especially if you’re with a new partner. Is it possible to have sex while on your period? Yup. Can it be a great and trust-building experience? Absolutely.

Before you go and mess up your white sheets, here are a few things to know about sex during your period. First off: Sex on your period doesn’t have to be any different than sex on any other day of the month. Have fun and make sure to check in with your partner.

First things first: Can you have sex on your period?

Unless you have religious beliefs that stop you, the answer is a resounding yes! Gone are the days when women had to go into a red tent and wait it out. Over the last few decades, thankfully, it has become less and less common for people to have that “ew period” attitude.

Period sex is a popular choice for many people. It all depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with. It can even be better for some women because of the natural lubrication from menstrual fluid, and potential increases in sex drive.

How to have sex on your period

You know it’s okay, but don’t know where to start? Everyone was there once. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you are safe. This means that you continue to birth control if you want to avoid pregnancy, practice safe sex, and that you consent to it.

There are a few things you can do to make period sex more enjoyable and less stressful. There really is no need to ruin a romantic evening by worrying.

what should a husband do during periods
Because of the increased lubrication, sex during period can even be more comfortable.

1. Talk to your partner

Ask them what they think and share your thoughts and concerns. As with everything relationship-related, communication is key. Before you initiate anything, make sure you are on the same page.

2. Remove any menstrual products before you start

You should remove any menstrual cups or tampons. You definitely don’t need those interfering or getting in the way.

3. Try a menstrual disk for heavy flow days

Menstrual discs are a great eco friendly option to tampons and pads.

If you bleed heavily during your period, you can have sex while wearing a menstrual disk to stem some of the flow. It is important to empty the disc immediately after you have sex.

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4. Keep a towel handy

A dark-colored towel can be a great way to avoid messes on your sheets. Make sure you have one before you begin anything so you don’t have to interrupt the moment looking for one in the middle of the action. When you’re done just throw it into washing machine and forget about having to wash your sheets every time you have sex on your period.

5. Use birth control

Technically, the chances of conception during menstruation are lower. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible or that you can pass on birth control if you want to avoid pregnancy.

Just using a menstrual disc will not stop you from getting pregnant – it is not a form of contraception.

People believe that it is impossible to get pregnant while having period sex. It’s not impossible, but it is less likely than you might think.

  • All women’s cycles are different. According to research, irregular menstrual cycles can impact up to 35% of women. It can be difficult to determine which stage someone is at in their menstrual cycle.
  • Sperm can live five days. You can conceive in days following period sex.

6. Practice safe sex during period sex

It is possible to transmit or catch an STI or STD at any time. STI prevention has nothing to do with menstruation. Protecting yourself during period sex is just as important as any other time.

5 Reasons to Like Period Sex

Once you get used to it, there are so many things to love about period sex.

1. Lubrication is easier

Having period sex? No need to reach for the lube. If you usually need a bit of lube to get things moving, that’s already taken care of. No worrying about things drying out. Your watery period blood can keep things nice and lubricated. There’s just no need for any added cost or chemicals to get things slipping and sliding when you’ve got an all natural, ready to go lubricant.

2. Cramps may be reduced by having sex during a period

You heard it right. If get bad cramps, the last thing you might want to do is have sex. But maybe you should think twice about abstaining. Having an orgasm not only causes uterine contractions which can help your cramps, it all releases endorphins, which make you feel better all over. These endorphins can help reduce period pain.

3. Increased sex drive

You may be tempted to curl up and binge-watch Netflix on the first day of your cycle. However, you may notice a shift in your mood swings a few days later. You may even notice a rise in sexual drive during menstruation, or even before.

Period sex can simply mean that you have fun with your partner when it suits you most. Some people enjoy having intercourse during menstruation because they know how wonderful it can be.

4. Period sex can shorten your period

When you have an orgasm during your period, the uterine contractions can push more menstrual fluid out faster resulting in a shorter period.

5. Period sex can be a new form of intimacy

It can be magical to feel comfortable with your body and have that same feeling from your partner. Knowing that your partner thinks you’re sexy all the time can be a great turn on.

Sex during your period can bring a new kind of intimacy.

You may find that being comfortable with yourself any time during your cycle and engaging with period sex is the best way to accept and love yourself.

6. Oral sex is OK, too

It’s okay to have oral sex while you menstruate. If you and your partner are into it, go for it. The clit, which is the focal point of female pleasure, is located away from the source of your menstrual flow after all.

The Takeaway: Sex is great – period or not

If you and your partner want to have sex during your cycle, go for it! Just remember to communicate so everyone feels comfortable and knows what to expect. Don’t forget to use birth control and practice safe sex even during your period. And try a menstrual disc along with a dark colored towel if you want to keep cleanup to a minimum.

Period sex can be just as enjoyable as regular sex. It can even be better. 😉