What Is My Chart Ruler And Why Is It Important?

Astrology is full of invaluable information. Rising signs are just the tip of the iceberg! If you’ve heard the term “chart ruler” but you’re a little unsure about it, it’s time to clear the air. Read on to learn all about chart rulers and what makes them so important in astrology.

What Is a Chart Ruler in Astrology?

The chart ruler is, to put it simply, a planet that impacts your birth chart. It’s the planet that rules over your first house’s cusp, aka your rising sign. Your chart ruler tells you quite a bit about your destiny, personality, and even your appearance. 

Let’s break it down even further. Your rising sign, also called the ascendant sign, indicates the sign that was rising in the east when you were born. Say you were born right around sunrise. In that case, the Sun would actually be the chart ruler.

Your ascendant is just another term for your rising sign.

Were you born at noon? In that case, your chart ruler is the planet in the first house when you were born. Were you born at sunset? If so, the planet setting in the west is your chart ruler.

Your chart ruler demands careful consideration. It’s a powerful player in your birth chart, so it’s best to understand it. The chart ruler impacts your life in many ways, and you can learn a lot about who you are as a person with this information.

Planets, the Sun, and the moon are all fair game when it comes to your chart ruler. They’re all potential chart rulers, though the Sun and moon aren’t planets. Another technicality is that Pluto is still one of the possible chart rulers (even though it was downgraded to a dwarf planet).

How to Find Your Chart Ruler According to Your Date of Birth

Start with your birth date. You’ll need to input the day, month, and year into a birth chart calculator. If you know the time, that’s even better. Use the astrology site of your choice to plug in your special date. 

You’ll need to use the following information to access your chart ruler:

  • Birthdate
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

One site you can use is AstroSofa.com. They make it pretty easy for you to learn all about your whole birth chart. Simply enter your information to get started.

Read about your chart ruler once you figure out what it is. Try to understand how the predictions and analyses align with your life. Contemplate what behaviors, dreams, and life patterns stand out to you as you read up on your chart ruler.

Characteristics of Each Chart Ruler

Each zodiac sign has its own planetary ruler. And each house has a special role to play in your daily and overarching life story. Every single planet has good and bad implications associated with it, so don’t be surprised if you see a few negative points when you read about your chart ruler!

First House Mars:

Mars: Ruler of Aries

Positive traits: Courage, intensity, ambition

Negative traits: Aggressiveness, animosity

Second House Venus:

Venus: Ruler of Taurus

Positive traits: Beauty, charisma, diplomacy

Negative traits: Self-centeredness, possessiveness

Third House Mercury:

Mercury: Ruler of Gemini

Positive traits: Flexibility, wisdom, communication

Negative traits: Instability, restlessness

Fourth House Moon:

Moon: Ruler of Cancer

Positive traits: Sensitivity, encouragement, emotionality

Negative traits: Insecurity, moodiness

what is my chart ruler chart
Finding out your Chart ruler can help you gain insight into your life.

Fifth House Sun:

Sun: Ruler of Leo

Positive traits: Charm, self-esteem, creativity

Negative traits: Selfishness, egoism

Sixth House Mercury:

Mercury: Ruler of Virgo

Positive traits: Adaptability, intelligence, communication

Negative traits: Inconsistency, unreliability

Seventh House Venus:

Venus: Ruler of Libra

Positive traits: Tactfulness, likeability, beauty

Negative traits: Vanity, obsessiveness

Eighth House Pluto & Mars:

Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio

Positive traits: Power, rejuvenation, tenacity

Negative traits: Controlling, self-centeredness

Ninth House Jupiter:

Jupiter: Ruler of Sagittarius

Positive traits: Cheeriness, perseverance, expansiveness

Negative traits: Overindulgence, wastefulness

10th House Saturn:

Saturn: Ruler of Capricorn

Positive traits: Responsibility, discipline, predictability

Negative traits: Pessimism, inflexibility

11th House Uranus:

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius

Positive traits: Uniqueness, innovativeness, independence

Negative traits: Rebelliousness, peculiarity

12th House Neptune:

Neptune: Ruler of Pisces

Positive traits: Spirituality, creativity, compassion

Negative traits: Escapism, fallacy

Which Sign Is Most Compatible With Your Chart Ruler?

Here’s a quick review: Your ruling planet is the one that’s most predominant in your birth chart. It has a lot to say about your life, traits, destiny, weaknesses, and more.

Compatibility is one factor predicted by your ruling planet. If you want to learn about romantic traits and who would be the best match for your personality, look for ruling planets that align with yours.

Let’s say, for instance, that Venus is your ruling planet. Use that information to figure out who you’re compatible with. It’ll be another person with the same ruling planet of Venus. There may be other planets that are also fair matches with yours, though. If your planet is Mars, you’ll want to find someone whose ruling planet is also Mars.

These signs are most compatible with your chart ruler:


Are you an Aries? If so, you’re most likely to live in harmony with other fire signs (Leo or Sagittarius). All of the fire signs have a spicy passion for life. They’re always looking for the next adventure, ready to launch. As an Aries, you may also be compatible with the air signs (Gemini or Aquarius). 


As an Earth sign, a Taurus tends to match well with other Tauruses or other Earth signs. These signs are stable, reliable, and grounded. They’re pretty easy-going in nature, and they may be a bit superficial when it comes to material things. As a down-to-earth Taurus, you’ll probably also vibe with go-with-the-flow water signs like Cancer.

which sign are you most compatible with
Knowing your sign helps you understand yourself.


This air sign is best when paired with other air signs. The air signs appreciate curiosity about all things, and they adore open, deep conversations. As a Gemini, you may also pair harmoniously with fire signs like Aries or Sagittarius.


If you’re a Cancer, you’ll be a good romantic match with the other water signs. Scorpios and Pisces will understand the extent of your emotional experience. They’ll see that there’s much more depth in your character than you often reveal.


Leos pair well with the fire signs (Aries and Sag), but they also get along with the air signs. All of these signs will keep up with your fast pace and are sure to adore your sense of adventure. Geminis and Libras will tend to communicate effortlessly with Leos.


This Earth sign is a fine match with the other Earth signs. When Earth signs get together, they harmonize with each other’s humble and lowkey approach to life. They’ll strike a balance of enjoying the little things while planning ahead. As an Earth sign, a Virgo is also fairly compatible with the water signs.


Are you a Libra? If so, you’ll find an instant, comfortable connection with Geminis and Aquariuses. When you link up with a fellow air sign, you’re likely to dive into passionate conversations and indulge in satisfying your curiosity about the world.

The Wrap-up: Knowing Your Chart Ruler Can Give You Insight Into Many Life Aspects

Every chart placement reveals vast information about a person’s life. Are you a Jupiter in the 7th house? Are you a Gemini whose rising sign is Aries? No matter what your chart is, you can use the predictions in it to gain greater self-awareness. 

What is my chart ruler in astrology?  Simply put, your chart ruler tells you quite a bit about your destiny, personality, and even your appearance.