What Does Sex Feel Like For Women?

You’re likely to have thought about the question, “What is sex like for a girl?” if you’re a male. It seems that your body parts are different and that you don’t do the exact same things when you have sex.

There is no simple answer. Sex might not feel the exact same for different women. We can’t compare the experiences of different people so we don’t know. We will, however, try to make it as accurate as possible in this article on what sex is like for a female!

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Asking men what sex feels like is a good idea. Men may be surprised at the difference between the sex that feels good for women and the sex that doesn’t. Some women might face surprise orgasms to learn that their friends don’t particularly care about G-spot stimulation. It is amazing to see how different sex can feel for different people, even if they share the same reproductive organs.

We asked the women to describe sex and shared their thoughts. They had a lot of different experiences.

Respecting the differences between us can make sex life more enjoyable. Neglecting them can cause you to never feel fulfilled.

How Can You Make Sex Feel Better For Your Partner?

Some people want to know what sex feels for a woman. Men without a penis can never feel the sensation of entering a vaginal canal.

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We asked readers to tell us why they think sex feels good. Many of them mentioned how satisfying it was to feel fulfilled and filled with joy. One woman shared her thoughts about her man’s penis entering her genital area.

It’s that feeling that you get when he enters your body. It’s almost like he fills your soul and scratches that deep itch that can only be scratched through sex.

Another shared how her partner in her helped her achieve closeness unlike any other.
But penetration doesn’t always feel good. It can sometimes hurt, even though it may feel better later. One reader has a detailed description of how it feels to be penetrated by a husband’s penis at first.

It hurts initially, but then my body becomes used to it. Then, the pleasure turns to pain, me grinding on the top and him beneath, and as I continue to play with my clit, I feel my body get warmer, my senses becoming stronger, and my legs shaking. All of a sudden, I feel this warmth radiating through my body.

Notice how she feels all over her body, not just in her vagina. Another reader echoed this sentiment and described the sensations like:

A strong physical connection that makes my body feel complete and whole. My body feels flooded with pleasure.

Although the vagina is not sensitive to texture or how hard a penis can be, it can still feel pleasant for women. Most vaginas can sense different textures in toys, particularly those that are rigid, and distinguish between fingers and penis.

Side note: A study found that unprotected sexual activity is more enjoyable for men and women.

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How sex can make your body feel

It’s not just about the penetration. During sex, you can and should use your entire body.

Many women prefer clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. One reader said it:

It’s the best way to have sex.

The penis is analogous to the clitoris. It is similar to the foreskin. The clitoris can also become erect like a penis.

Actually, the clitoris has more nerve endings than the actual penis, which can make direct stimulation difficult if it is not stimulated. Each clitoris is different in its sensitivity.

The different clitoris may respond differently to stimulation. The experience can get even more interesting when you add a clitoral tattoo (More: Everything That You Need to Know About Clit Piercing). It was described by one reader as follows:

It is almost as if every cell in my body is alive. It’s as if my hearing and touch are extremely sensitive.

The vulva is formed by the clitoris, the labia, and becomes engorged when a woman has been aroused, increasing sensitivity. Although many body parts are more sensitive when a woman feels the urge to have sex, touching them can be stimulating, even though it might not feel as pleasurable if she isn’t.

Particularly the nipples are sensitive. Sometimes they can be too sensitive. Many women love to kiss their collar bones and neck, and even sucking can feel good. Sensual touches can occur in more body parts than you might realize.

There are many ways to stimulate different parts of the body. It is possible to be surprised by what you discover when you try it.

The Uncomfortable Truth about Unsatisfying Sexual Relationships

Women can experience penetration in many different ways. It can be difficult to insert something if there isn’t enough lubrication. This can happen if a woman isn’t fully awakened. Some medications can also make her dry. Two possible culprit medications are: Researchers have found that antihistamines, as well as blood pressure medication, can cause this effect. Vaginal penetration dryness can also be caused by menopause. Some women are dryer than others.

However, excessive lubricant can reduce friction.

A woman’s partner can also cause pain. For example, a partner with a high level of the penis may be more painful than someone with a lower-pitched one. Penetrating too fast or too tightly can also cause pain.

The cervix is another potential source of pain. Some women enjoy cervical stimulation. However, many feel that their cervixes can be too sensitive. It may be uncomfortable to have sex with someone whose penis is able to reach the cervix, or in positions that make it more accessible. Keep in mind, however, that the cervix can move throughout the menstrual cycle, so the pain might be more intense at certain points.

Some sex positions can make a woman’s skin feel uncomfortable. How sex feels can be affected by everything, from arthritis to old injuries to body weight.

If a partner is too rigid or lacks rhythm, it can make sex difficult. For example, jackhammer-style thrusting is not something that women enjoy.

Intercourse can become painful or uncomfortable if lubrication becomes less as sex progresses.

The vaginal wall is thin and can be irritated by intercourse. If a woman has GI distress, sex may be uncomfortable.

There are occasions when sex is not erotic or feels neutral. These women may find vaginal stimulation lacking. These women may be less sensitive to vaginal stimulation and/or prefer clitoral stimulation.

One participant in our survey said that sex with her husband was comparable to washing dishes or folding laundry.

A second person took our survey and also gave a similar opinion about how boring sex can sometimes be. She ended up not wanting to be with her partner at bedtime. She didn’t find sex boring, however. There were many variations.

Even if a woman loves sex, switching up the way her partner does it can cause frustration. It is important to be consistent in order to make sex enjoyable.

Women who feel sex is lackluster or painful may find it difficult to voice their opinions. One study actually found that 81% of women felt some pain while having sex. It also showed that women who had the least pleasure were less likely to openly discuss it with their partners.

Faking pleasure and orgasms can result. Women are prone to just grin and bear it till it’s over. This can sometimes lead to women feeling confused about how sex feels, and how bad sex it feels if they have never had a partner.

This actually encourages their partners to do the wrong things. It is much more difficult to have satisfying sex if you let things slide and pretend pleasure.

How can you make sex feel better for a woman?

Only men should have sex only with women who are interested. Our readers often cited not being in the right mood as a reason for sex to feel less enjoyable. Women were often less enthusiastic about sex when they were tired.

Foreplay can reduce the pain experienced during sex, increasing her satisfaction with sex. We know from female readers that time is often a problem. Foreplay plays a major role in this. Very few women ever complained about their partners’ love for foreplay.

It can be mentally draining to rush for penetration. This can make women feel like they are being manipulated.

Instead of going straight to her genitals, you can take the time to fully kiss her and give her an intimate massage to help her relax and get in the right mood. You may give her an orgasm if she is ready for genital stimulation. This can help relax her and make penetration easier.

Women reported that sex with their partners made it more enjoyable and that they could have sex apart from great sex. This can sometimes be a loving connection. Women who express their feelings can enjoy sex more. Sex can be a powerful way to communicate emotions and connect with your partner.

However, the connection does not have to be about deep feelings. Even if it is casual, you can still have a connection and share intimacy. Good rapport and attraction can be connected to connection.

Part of this is to treat a woman as a person with agency and put effort into her pleasure. Our survey revealed that many women struggled with partners who only care about their own pleasure. However, they appreciated partners who care about the pleasure of their partner.

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If they want to have amazing sex, both partners must be open to communication. Both partners should be open to discussing their desires, needs, and wants before they get into sex.

Communication is crucial for new partners, especially if they are still learning a lot about each other or if you’re not experienced. Sometimes, men find it surprising to discover that their new partners are not interested in something that their past partners or all of their previous partners enjoyed.

Communication should extend to the bedroom. However, discussions that occur at the moment shouldn’t ruin the moment. You can even use it to get your dirty talking tips. An “Mmm, yes” can be used to tell your lover that he is doing the right thing.

Man can ask his partner sexily if they like one thing, or if they prefer another type of stimulation. He can then use this information to please her. There are occasions when a woman might not be able or able to communicate what she wants, possibly due to inexperience.

Men should also look for cues in addition to verbal communication. Do you notice if her body language is close to open? If she’s still, silent, pulling away, it could indicate that she doesn’t like sex or is bored. If she moves her hips or draws closer to you, it’s likely she is having a great time.

Are they moans of pleasure? You could be hurting her if she grimaces.

You can make sure that you feel happy and have fun together by paying attention.

Orgasm: The Biggest Bang!

It is easy to get obsessed with orgasms. Most depictions of sex usually end in a man having an orgasm, while a woman is considered a bonus. We would see more men focusing on the pleasure of their female partners to achieve orgasm equality. This is a similar rate of orgasm between men, women, and children. Lesbians are more likely to have sex than straight women.

However, this doesn’t mean that sex shouldn’t be enjoyable without orgasm. Or that you shouldn’t focus on cumming. Although it’s easy to focus on the orgasm and jump in the sac, this can make sex less enjoyable or more repetitive. Sometimes, it can be difficult to have an orgasm because of what is going on inside your head. You can have an orgasm if it is important to you, and you should try to get one. But don’t make that your only goal.

However, some women are more comfortable learning to orgasm than others.

It doesn’t always feel the exact same when a woman has an oral orgasm. Some orgasms can be smaller and even less intense than others. While clitoris orgasms are more concentrated on the clitoris than internal orgasms, they can feel diffuse. Orgasms may have an impact on the whole body.

Orgasm can be more about pleasure than release for some women. The tension that has been building up in your pelvic muscles causes them to contract. Some people experience the stereotypical toe-curling or sheet-grabbing. Some women are more vocal than others when they cum.

Orgasms can be accompanied by female Ejaculation. However, some women may squirt even without an orgasm!

A woman’s clitoris can become very sensitive after orgasm and may need a break.

She may feel the effects of her partner’s orgasm. A woman may feel his cock pulsating and his body becoming more rigid after an orgasm, depending on her level of sensitivity. He may fill her with his cum during orgasm, even if they don’t use condoms.

What does Sex Feel Like Mentally?

Although we have been focusing on the physical sensations, it is equally important to consider how sex feels amazing for a woman’s mental and intense emotional component well-being. As we mentioned, sexing with a romantic partner is more enjoyable than penetrative sex with a casual partner. Being able to have sex with someone more than once can help them get to know you better, which can improve sex.

A reader has some words of wisdom:

For me, good sex is being in touch with my partner. Without me saying a word, he can read every inch of mine.

People can also feel self-conscious when they have sex with casual or new partners or those who are “out of their league.” It’s not surprising that women report more sexual stimulation pleasure in a relationship than in a casual hookup and real fun begins.

No matter if sex happens in a relationship or not, women who participated in our survey said they felt sexy and wanted to have it. Many felt joy in their partner’s delight and it was exciting to be roused.

A woman might also enjoy the very intimate feeling of her partner’s head orgasm, especially if he is inside her. That’s fine!

Women have a lot of things to say about how a man makes a woman feel — and why it’s so good. Women often feel submissive and unable to control their men when they are being sucked in by them. It can be exciting to see a man feel his cum in the sex.

It was described well by one of our survey-takers:

My boyfriend makes me see stars. It’s almost like my brain is flooded with blood and I cannot think of anything. It is all-consuming mentally. At that moment, nothing else matters. It explodes. It’s like I am complete emotionally.

Respondents loved the freedom to let go of their daily responsibilities and expectations. They didn’t need to feel restricted; sex was a way of escaping.

Many people find that sex can help them relieve stress. After sex, they feel extremely relaxed.

People who completed our survey reported feeling happier, more balanced, and overall healthier. One woman said that she felt euphoric for a few minutes after the climax.

Dopamine may play a role in this. It can feel like you are taking drugs. The neurotransmitter serotonin can be found during arousal and can contribute to the feeling-good moments. Low serotonin activity is associated with depression.

Also, oxytocin can make you feel happy and secure. Orgasms are a pleasure because Oxytocin can be found in the ejaculate of a man. This hormone promotes bonding, which can help you feel closer to your man.

Endorphins are released during orgasm which is the same substance that causes runners’ highs. This can help you feel good long after having sex.

These positive feelings can be elusive and less common if a woman is with a selfish partner or experiences unsatisfying sexual sex. However, a woman may feel frustrated or disappointed if she waits too long to have sex with her partner.

It’s possible to have sex with a man if she knows her needs and communicates them to her partner.

I hope you see that understanding the feelings of anal sex for women can help a man become a better lover.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1 – Why is sex sometimes painful or unpleasant for women?

Some conditions are more common than others. If a woman doesn’t get enough lubrication, either natural or added, pain can be more common. Your mental state can also play a role. If she is stressed or distracted, her body may not be as active as it should be, which can make sex unpleasant for her.

This moisture is what makes the vagina feel good to men. It is also why sex can be painful for men without it.

Foreplay can be used to make your partner or you feel better. Remember, lube can make sex more enjoyable. If you experience pain or other symptoms, consult your doctor.

FAQ #2 – Is sex always the same for men and women?

No. No. Women are more likely to experience bad or neutral sex than men. Even though women enjoy sex generally, there are many things that can make it less or more satisfying for them.

FAQ #3 – A guy can’t be a good lover if they don’t understand sex for women.

It is crucial to communicate with your partner. Don’t assume your partner is happy, enjoys the things you like, or has enjoyed experiences with other partners. Include lots of foreplay and clitoral stimulation. Pay attention to her body cues and be attuned to her needs.

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