What Are The Karmic Relationship Stages?

Have you found yourself wrapped up in a whirlwind of a relationship, defined by intense passion and numerous challenges? If so, you might just be going through the karmic relationship stages. In this article, we’ll define these stages for you to help you prepare. Fair warning: Karmic relationships aren’t easy! With our advice, you’ll be able to navigate them as best as possible.

Karmic Relationships: Definition

Let’s back up a bit. What exactly is karma? Basically, it’s a spiritual or astrological concept referring to our cyclical nature. Karma comes and goes. If you’re on a karmic path, your destiny awaits. You may need to resolve some unfinished business from a past life.

In karmic relationships, spiritual awakenings are common. Often, they appear to teach us a lesson we missed in a previous existence. Think of them as incredibly powerful tools to boost your spiritual or emotional awareness. Some believe they have the power to relieve karmic debt.

Karmic relationship stages may align with normal romantic relationship stages, but they go deeper. Plus, karmic relationships aren’t limited to romantic relationships. They can be tough to recognize at first. Next, we’ll outline the stages.

karmic relationship stages between friends
Karmic relationships may be between friends, family, or lovers.

Welcome to the Roller Coaster: 11 Karmic Relationship Stages

What’s one word that best describes karmic relationships?


These powerful relationships really kick up the heat! They’re unpredictable and often come at unexpected times. Expect to feel wild emotions as you ride the ups and downs of the karmic relationship coaster.

After an intense initial spark, they usually get more and more wild. But let’s not give it all away! Read on for the eleven karmic relationship stages.

1. Instant Spark

Karmic relationships launch whether you’re ready or not. In fact, they usually pop up when you’re not ready. They’re marked by an overwhelming urge and an uncanny attraction. 

As soon as you meet, it’ll feel like you’ve known each other for a while. This comfortability leads to quick escalations in the relationship. It can feel scary, like diving headfirst into deep waters.

2. Desire for More

When you leave, all you can think about it is hanging out more. Every moment together feels natural, and it makes you want more. Your desire grows more intense the more you hang out. 

3. Drama, Drama, Drama

Comfortability quickly gives way to questions and concerns and heightened emotions. Plot twists appear. New people enter the scene. Perhaps you find yourself in a love triangle, or you find out that you two have a concerning mutual friend. 

Something enters the mix at this stage that presents a need for deliberation. It could be quite a disaster if you don’t have the emotional intelligence to manage your reactions. You’ll feel a full spectrum of emotions during this stage.

all about karmic relationship stages

4. It Becomes Painful

At this point, the comfort fades. You could feel confused, irritable, or simply anxious at the thought of this relationship. Of all the karmic relationship stages, this one’s the worst. It’s when you know something’s not right, or there’s a problem that might lead to the end of this partnership.

Your energy may start feeling zapped. You could feel uncomfortable all the time around this person. It may turn into a toxic situation that you feel like you need to escape. It’s exhausting at this stage.

Issues could include endless arguments, toxic cycles, and broken promises. You could realize you’re codependent with this person. Your time could be completely swept up in this drama. If you reflect on yourself during this stage, you may unearth dangerous traits or unresolved past traumas. Karmic relationships will either make you unleash your dark side or uncover it.

5. Communication Fades

The exhausting, painful relationship wears you down. You’re at the point of closing yourself off to your partner. You’re tired of the endless arguments and confusion. Communication fades away until you barely talk. If you do speak, it’s small talk.

There’s a fatal lack of understanding now. Too much friction occurs every time you try to speak to one another. It feels like not communicating is easier. As a result, you two actually judge either more and assume the wrong things. You’re caught in a cruel web of misunderstanding.

The stages of karmic relationships often feel like an intense game.

9. Thoughts of Breaking Up Occur

Understandably, you find yourself daydreaming of life without this person. What would be like to be free of them? What could you do with your time? Who else could you meet to achieve real love or real happiness? All those thoughts come to mind.

You think about splitting up, but it’s hard to pull the trigger. You’re not comfortable, but you’re not in enough pain to leave yet. This position of feeling like you have one foot in and one foot out of the relationship creates the ideal condition for the next stage.

10. Inner Awakening

Your “aha” moment may come during a long walk or in the middle of yet another heated argument. When it comes, though, it will spark the stage of awakening. You’ll come to realize what the purpose of this relationship was. You may be sad or disappointed to realize this relationship wasn’t meant to last forever.

Even so, the spiritual awakening you have will bring you peace. It’ll create a sense of self-confidence and self-love. You’ll have the opportunity to heal and grow. The awakening may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. This stage of inner awakening and growth could last quite some time as you plan the end of this karmic relationship.

11. Release From the Karmic Cycle

Ending your karmic relationship could look like signing divorce papers, sending a goodbye message, or having one final conversation. It’s hard. It’s scary. But this is how most karmic relationships end.

Why? This question may pop up over and over in your head. Why didn’t this friendship or family connection or romantic relationship last forever? When you find yourself asking “why,” you must recall the awakening you had. You fulfilled your purpose in this relationship, and that’s what matters. After you leave, know that you will eventually find peace.

Are You in a Karmic or Twin Flame Relationship?

Karmic relationships may be confused for soulmates or twin flame relationships. If you’ve accidentally done this, you’re not alone! But how can you tell the difference?

Let’s define all of these terms. When you know the signs, you can navigate each of them more effectively.

Karmic RelationshipSoulmateTwin Flame
Only happens when you’re ready to release issues or karma from your past.
Soulmates are not required in karmic relationships.
Causes a deep connection but not unpredictable and painful turbulence.
Tends to appear after at least one karmic relationship.
Enhances your ability to perceive yourself clearly.
Teaches you something about yourself and builds your sense of self-worth.

Note that they will all have challenges and successes of some kind.

How Can You Tell if It’s a Karmic Relationship?

Does the turbulence in your relationship ignite self-awareness? Does it make you feel lost, yet give you the strength to find yourself? Have you created meaning out of your relationship’s troubles? If so, it’s likely a karmic relationship.

Karmic relationships bring you closer to Nirvana.

Can Karmic Soulmates Stay Together?

The short answer is yes. That said, karmic relationships don’t usually have a long-lasting destiny. Typically, they’re short or medium-length situations that teach you a life lesson.

If both partners experience spiritual growth, they’ll be more likely to evolve together. You must carefully weigh your partner’s intentions to find out whether they intend to see the relationship through and grow with you.

How to Shift From a Karmic Relationship to Nirvana

Nirvana is a state of spiritual enlightenment. You can work toward it throughout your karmic relationships. It’s not easy, though! Check out these tips to help achieve this goal.

  1. Incorporate meditation into your daily spiritual practice. Adding yoga can also help you find peace.
  2. Work toward greater self-love and self-care by releasing anything and anyone who isn’t helping you.
  3. Practice gratitude (even when you’re going through difficult relationships).
  4. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Forgive your karmic partner for their errors, as well.

Karmic Relationship Stages Help You Thrive

As you can see, karmic relationship stages are quite chaotic. Even so, you can use the intense lessons you learn to move toward self-awareness and spiritual enlightening. All the bits of wisdom you learn will set you up for success in a future, long-lasting relationship.

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