What Are The Karmic Relationship Stages?

Sometimes you meet someone who you know is not your soulmate. But the chemistry between the two of you is so strong that you cannot let them go. It’s happened to me. Has it happened to you?.

You are invited to join the rollercoaster ride of passion, hatred, and love known as a Karmic Relationship.

Karma has kissed me more times than once. So I am here to tell you about karmic relationships, how to recognize them, and how to get through the mind-altering stages of karmic relationships.

The Karmic Relationship Concept

Karma is a concept that our existence is not linear but cyclical. It is not uncommon for us to appear and disappear in different incarnations. We connect with other souls on this journey.

The spiritual karmic connection between two people, which began before this lifetime, is being rekindled again in a karmic relationship.

A reunion is caused by unresolved past issues. People on a karmic journey must first confront their “unfinished business” in order to continue their spiritual awakening.

The most powerful karmic relationships will accelerate our growth. They will destroy all impure things and burn our karmic debt.

Karmic relationships go beyond romantic relationships. Karmic connections can also exist with friends and family.

karmic relationship stages between friends
Karmic relationships can exist between friends and family as well as lovers.

Welcome to The Roller Coaster: 11 Karmic Relationship Stages

If I had to choose one word to describe a karmic relationship, it would be INTENSE.

This type of relationship is full of strong emotions from the first moment.

It begins with an immediate connection and mutual understanding, without the need to say a word. At first, this type of relationship can make you feel like you’ve found your soulmate.

It will only get wilder as you go along. Your ego will take the most abuse since the purpose of a karmic relationship is to dissolve your ego. What’s even worse is obsession, jealousy, and possessiveness can lead to emotional and mental abuse.

1. Romance beyond words

It all starts in a second. The attraction between you and your karmic partner is overwhelming from the moment you first meet them. It was like you two have known each other for years.

It’s almost like a magnetic magic force that attracts you to the stranger. It’s like this in every meant to be relationship, isn’t it?

2. You want more

Every moment spent together is like a fairytale. You two share such a strong connection. It’s not enough, however.

You will hunger for more as you become closer to them. You feel a deep connection to this person in your body and soul.

Honey, this relationship is like a drug, and you’re becoming addicted.

3. Drama, drama, drama

At first, you feel blessed and happy, but soon you start to feel confused. Although passion and attraction are strong, they can often be mixed with negative emotions like anger or disgust.

One moment you fall in love, and the next you fight like two angry wolves. Both break-ups, and make-ups, are a constant.

Every relationship has its highs and lows. But this one feels like a rollercoaster. In a very short time, you can experience many emotions, including love, lust, anger, rage, and hatred.

4. You sense danger

Safe spaces where we can be ourselves. This one feels the exact opposite.

Even though things seem to be going well between you, you feel like something is wrong. It’s making you confused and drained. Is this paranoia or intuition?

Soon, you start to notice the negative traits in your partner.

Because you don’t know what you might say or do that could hurt their egos and cause them to turn against you, it’s hard to feel secure around your partner.

5. The patterns are repeated

Here we are again, discussing the same topic you discussed last week. The week before, and the week before.

No matter how many times you try to solve it or work through the issue, it is always there. Sometimes it appears that you have finally reached an agreement, but the same problem is back two days later.

6. There is a problem with codependency

This turbulent dynamic is totally consuming. Your brain cannot focus on any other things when you are involved in a lot of drama. When you aren’t fighting, it’s the best relationship you’ve had in your life. You are focused on your partner in all situations and have little time for anything else.

7. Communication is almost impossible

You were able to communicate with each other at first without speaking a word. But now, even a thousand words, it’s impossible to understand each other. You stop trying to understand each other when conversations turn into fights.

When you stop talking miscommunication becomes inevitable.

This allows for more room for judgment and assumptions. Instead of discussing the unresolved issues openly, you begin to imagine possible outcomes in your head. This creates tension and perpetuates the cycle of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The stages of karmic relationships can feel like a confusing game.

8. You are the monster inside

This type of toxic relationship can eventually bring out the dark side in you that you might not even know exists.

You begin to exhibit toxic traits that you didn’t have before. You may be jealous, but you are now so obsessed with your possessions that you feel insane.

However, you should not consider dissolving your healthy relationship. But not yet.

9. You feel tired

You feel tired after all the drama and chaos of this toxic love. The sweet and happy moments that you have together (when you aren’t creating drama) don’t bring you the same joy and happiness.

The thought of you and your partner splitting ways is scary and you aren’t ready.

10. Let go and try again

Do you remember that friend of yours who kept going back to the toxic ex over and again? You didn’t understand what they were thinking.

It’s not easy to break a spiritual bond. Even though it seems clear there is no way out, We will likely struggle to let go.

You know that you must leave if you truly care about your health and well-being. However, you know that the attraction between you and your karmic soulmate remains strong and is hard to resist.

11. Breaking the karmic circle

This is when you’re ready to let go. That’s it, you’re done.

A breakup can happen suddenly, caused by something small or insignificant.

You’ve probably already mentally started the separation process a long while ago and have waited for the day when you would be ready to go.

The revelation comes after all the pain and suffering that a karmic link can cause. Lessons learned and karmic obligation paid.

Are You in a Karmic or True Love/Twin Flame Relationship with a Partner?

With their intensity and power, karmic relationships often look like twin flame or soulmate relationships, particularly in the beginning stages. It feels like two people are attracted to one another with a strong magnetic force.

But are they really? Are karmic soulmates equal to true soulmates?

You may not find them both in the same person, but it is possible.

  • Karmic relationships occur when you are ready to release past issues that have been holding you back from moving forward. You don’t need a soulmate to form a karmic relationship with someone. It is a lesson to learn about how to let go of karma.
  • A soulmate is someone we feel a deep connection to on a soul level. Although it is not usually so turbulent, such a relationship can sometimes be difficult in other ways. After our karma has been purified and our ego has been dissolved, we meet our soulmates. Sometimes, soulmate love happens after we have ended our karmic relationships.
  • Twin flame relationships have a different relationship with each other. Twin flames are people who help us to see ourselves differently and make changes in our self-perception. They mirror us and teach us lessons about self-love, and self-worth.

It is difficult to tell a karmic relationship from a soulmate, or twin flame relationship, even with all of these things. Relationships can be complex and there aren’t any clear rules for maintaining them. Each one will prove challenging.

How can you tell if it is a karmic relationship?

Your relationship will have ups and downs, even if your partner is your true love connection. There will be fights and there will be challenges. You will sometimes hate them, truth be told.

These aren’t necessarily red flags and don’t necessarily mean that your relationship is toxic. Not all codependent relationships are built on karmic debt.

If the turbulence makes you feel lost and the person you are being led into the darkness of your inner world, then karma is calling. You are about to experience significant spiritual uplifting.

Surviving a karmic relationship brings you one step closet to nirvana.

Are Karmic Soulmates able to stay together?

There is no rule that says karmic relationships must end. But they usually do end.

Karmic relationships are not meant to endure constant ups and downs. They can quickly turn into toxic relationships in which partners try to destroy one another.

Both karmic partners must commit to their own growth in order for a karmic relationship that survives to become healthy. Both partners must grow spiritually. If this is not possible, the relationship will end in disarray.

How to let go of a karmic relationship and achieve Nirvana

It’s not easy but it is possible to start a spiritual practice. This is an excellent time to introduce spiritual practices into your life.

  1. Meditation and yoga can help you achieve peace and clarity of your mind.
  2. You must cultivate self-love, self-appreciation, and self-care so that you can let go of what isn’t serving you.
  3. As they helped you along your spiritual awakening path, be grateful for the lessons learned. You should be grateful for the love you received during your relationship. This love will encourage you to spiritually lift yourself.
  4. This one can be difficult… but you have to forgive yourself and them. After all the drama and trauma, it is easy to feel bitter. Forgiveness is crucial if you are to let go of the past and allow yourself to move on.

The Karmic Relationship Stages Will Help You Not only Survive but also Blossom

Although karmic relationships can be intense and sometimes painful, they serve to guide you towards absolute freedom. You will be transformed by the karmic stages of your relationship, which can range from blissful and sweet to chaotic.

Unresolved past issues and unlearned lessons were the blocks to your spiritual awakening.

This karmic lesson will teach you how to deal with it, regardless of whether or not you feel ready.