How Often Should You Wash Your Hair For Hair Growth?

Washing hair properly every day feels right to some people, especially if your hair is fine or greasy, or if you exercise daily. You might be able to wash your hair once per week if your hair is dry, coarse, or damaged.

It might seem counterintuitive to wash your hair often if you have hair loss and damaged hair. Stylists, especially those who are interested in extending your hair’s color, will tell you that it is a bad idea to wash your hair every day. However, scalp experts and trichologists encourage it to maintain a healthy scalp.

We asked experts to dispel myths and find the truth behind this beauty dilemma. Guy Parsons, a Trichologist, and Mark Townsend (a hairstylist for A-list celebrities like Glenn Close and Gwyneth Paltrow), share their tips.

How often should your hair be washed?

Guy, the founder of My Hair Doctor, says that you should wash your hair when your scalp feels oily, greasy, or dirty, regardless of your hair type. He also suggests that you experiment with washing your hair less often than you normally do. Then, examine your scalp to determine the condition of your hair.

“If you don’t wash your hair for long periods, there will be an accumulation of natural oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells that can cause oily hair.” He adds that if you wash your hair daily, you could over-stimulate the oil glands beneath your scalp, which can lead to oily hair.

Mark Townsend agrees that shampoos can strip your scalp of its natural oils. Your scalp will produce more oils than you have to replace the ones that were lost. I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t shower after working out, but I would suggest skipping shampoo every other day. Don’t forget to use conditioner. Conditioner is essential if your hair becomes wet.

If you are sweating a lot, using a lot of product every day, and your roots feel oily and dirty, it is time to wash. You can skip washing your hair if your stimulate hair growth is clean, shiny, and doesn’t cause any problems.

How often should you shampoo your fine hair?

Fine hair tends to be greasy faster than thicker hair, so you may need to wash your hair every day.

Some say that it all depends on the hair. Some people feel that fine hair can be too dry, too flyaway, or too lank. Some people may want to add body to fine, clean hair.

You may find that your hair is more prone to environmental pollutants, dirt, and grime and can become heavier if you wash it less often. Others may argue that washed hair that is older than one day is easier to manage.

how often should you wash your hair for hair growth
Fine hair may need to be washed more frequently.

To style your hair between washes, use a clean brush. Dirty combs and brushes can just transfer all of your greasy thin hair back onto your scalp. Your hairstyle will last longer if you keep your tools clean.

You might try it out. You might be able to skip a wash day if you don’t have a lot of time. Instead, use dry shampoo. Apply the shampoo to your roots and then go through your hair. Your hair might eventually produce less oil and you may be able to reduce the number of washes.

Your hair absorbs oils AND environmental smells. So if you’re in a smoky room, or standing over a stove cooking, your scalp may not need washing, but your hair might.

Don’t be afraid to wash your fine hair if your scalp is dry, itchy, or greasy. Just use a quality shampoo and conditioner made for fine hair.

How often should thick hair be washed?

Thicker hair tends to get drier over time so you can wash your hair once a week or every other day. If your hair gets greasy or thick, you can wash it more often.

“The problem with thick hair? People don’t rinse enough, and shampoo particles can dry out and make your hair look like ” dandruff.”

It is entirely up to you how often you wash your hair. Your stylist can help you determine the texture of your hair and how often it needs to be washed.

A weekly hair mask is a great idea for thick hair. It will replenish any moisture lost. A hair mask with natural oils can keep your hair soft and silky, just make sure to rinse thoroughly.

How often should you wash Afro-textured hair?

Afro-textured, curly, or coily hair can last longer than normal without washing. Sometimes it can even last up to three months if it is kept in a protective style. Cornrows and weaves can make it difficult to wash your hair.

It all depends on the scalp condition. Afro hair isn’t usually coarse. It is fine and delicate. The pattern of hair’s growth is what gives it its coarse appearance. Afro hair is typically managed with multiple oils.

If you spend a lot of time styling your hair, you’ll probably want to wash less often. If there aren’t any scalp problems, then it is probably a good idea to wash less often.

Afro-textured hair can be kept moisturized by using oils and conditioning sprays. Hair washing can take a while if you include treatments, comb-throughs, and leave-in conditioners. If your scalp is healthy, you can go longer between washes.

What happens if your hair isn’t washed often enough?

Hair problems such as scalp acne, dandruff, and excessive greasiness can be caused by not washing your hair enough. Go long enough and you’ll initially see a buildup of dead skin cells and natural oils, as well as bacteria.

Healthy hair can come down to finding the right washing schedule for your hair type.

The key point is that many people will scratch their scalp and itching can lead to a serious infection. A clean scalp is essential for healthy hair. Clogged or blocked follicles can prevent hair from growing well. Sometimes scalps can regulate themselves.

In these cases, oil regulation is reduced by lack of stimulation. However, this is very rare. The hair can take on a normal appearance but can get a little “smelly” over time.

Trichologists don’t recommend washing your hair more than once a week because it can cause hair damage. Hair sheds 50-100 hairs per day. If you don’t wash your hair, these hairs can build-up sebum and dandruff. If you want to eliminate bad hair days, you need to find your “sweet spot” for how often your hair is washed.

What happens if you wash your hair too often?

Too much washing can lead to a rise in scalp pH (alkaline, where it should be slightly acidic). This can cause it to become irritated, dry, flaky, and eventually greasy.

Over-washing your hair can cause hair to become dry and brittle.

Hair must be hydrated to look great. The tools you use when washing your hair can make a big difference. While most people dry their hair with a towel, a microfiber towel (or hair turban) can help reduce the dryness.

It doesn’t really matter what type of cotton it is. Cotton is supposed to absorb moisture. However, if you wrap it tight around your hair it will pull on any fragile hairs along your hairline. Try an old tee-shirt next time and wrap it gently around your wet hair.