Celery Juice Benefits for Hair + Tips to Get Started

Have you jumped on the celery juice bandwagon? If not, you might be ready by the end of this article. When it comes to celery juice, benefits for hair make up a long list, as you’ll see below.

All those yummy vitamins and minerals help various functions in your body, making it seem like the elixir of life. Keep reading to learn about how these vitamins and minerals promote hair growth and how you can incorporate celery juice into your diet!

10 Celery Juice Benefits for Hair You Need to Know

1. Celery Boosts Hair Growth

Silicon and sulfur may not sound enticing, but they’re believed to provide hair growth benefits. You see, silicon helps scalp circulation. At the same time, it strengthens those hair follicles. What about sulfur, then? This nutrient helps your body make keratin. As a quick reminder, keratin is a protein used for hair, skin, and nail maintenance.

Lutein is yet another helpful nutrient found in celery. It’s an antioxidant, and it works for hair growth by keeping the scalp healthy and inflammation-free.

2. Celery Juice Prevents Hair Loss

Has your hair been falling out more than it seems to be growing back? It’s a common issue, so you’re not alone. Celery juice can actually help with that, thanks to those nutrients we just mentioned. When your hair follicles and scalp stay healthy, your hair is less likely to fall out.

Of course, try to manage other factors that affect hair loss. Those may be stress or hormonal imbalances. You may also have nutrient deficiencies causing hair loss that can’t be helped by just celery, so work with a doctor if your case is extreme.

3. Celery Juice Can Treat Dandruff

Fungal infections, dry skin, and even allergies may lead to dandruff. One way to combat this condition is through ingesting celery juice. The nutrients in this refreshing drink offer a natural option to keep your scalp healthy and dandruff-free.

Celery’s water content will help keep you (and your scalp) well-hydrated, leading to less dandruff. With the right vitamins and minerals, your scalp can recover from dryness.

4. Celery Juice Promotes Shine and Luster

Want to take your hair to the next level? If you’re seeking shiny, lustrous locks, try celery juice. It doesn’t just keep your hair healthy. Adding the nutrients that are in celery to your diet can help keep your hair from looking dull and dry. 

5. Celery Is Full of Nutrients

Vitamins A, C, and E are in celery. These vitamins play key roles in your overall health and that of your hair. For instance, vitamin A helps your body make sebum, which is the technical term for the natural oil your hair follicles produce.

Then we have vitamin C. This vitamin offers antioxidants, which (as you learned earlier) help prevent inflammation in the scalp. Vitamin E is another antioxidant. Besides protecting from inflammation, it keeps the hair safe against harmful UV rays.

celery juice benefits for hair include shine and luster.
Celery juice can help make your hair shiny and lustrous as well as healthy.

6. Celery Is an Antioxidant

Antioxidants fight free radicals. If you haven’t heard this term, it refers to uncharged molecules that are very reactive. They like to bond with electrons from other body molecules. Now, if free radicals try to steal electrons from hair follicles, it’ll harm your hair production. That’s why loading up on antioxidants is critical for hair health.

7. Celery Lowers Scalp Inflammation

The antioxidants in celery help the body maintain the proper pH level, leading to overall well-being. Celery’s helpful antioxidants calm inflammation and soothe the scalp. That’s why you may find celery listed as an ingredient in hair masks or other hair products.

8. Celery Prevents Hair Breakage

Celery is packed with water. In fact, it’s made up of 95% water! As such, it’s one of the most hydrating veggies you can munch on. All that water helps your body maintain critical and not-so-critical functions, and hair health is one of them. 

When you stay hydrated (thank you, celery), you’ll guard your hair against breakage. The more moisturized it is, the healthier it will be. The hair’s cells use the nourished properties of water from celery to grow stronger.

9. Celery Has Antibacterial Properties

What would antibacterial properties be good for in terms of hair? Well, remember how dandruff may be caused by fungal infections? Those can be prevented with antibacterial properties, which improve your scalp’s health.

10. Celery Helps the Scalp’s Blood Cells & Follicle Health

If you’ve spent some time researching hair health or hair growth, you may have already come across vitamin B12. It’s a powerful nutrient in terms of hair health, and it helps bring oxygen to all of your cells. Yes, that includes your hair cells! 

Celery Juice vs. Celery Stalks

You’ll get the hair health benefits we discussed by either drinking celery juice or eating celery sticks. You may find that one is easier or more enjoyable for you than the other. The choice is yours.

Perhaps you prefer to juice your celery because it’s faster to consume several stalks at a time to ingest all those nutrients. Or perhaps you enjoy the satisfying crunch when you bite into a fresh celery stalk. Either way, you’ll receive hair health advantages!

When Will I See the Benefits?

It won’t happen overnight! One stalk of celery or one glass of celery juice won’t give you groundbreaking results. It does take time for your body to adapt. You may begin seeing results in a few weeks after you start incorporating celery juice into your daily nutritional plan.

celery juice benefits for hair
The nutrients in celery juice are excellent for scalp and hair health.

Get Started With Celery Juice for Hair

Grab your blender or juicer because it’s time to make some celery juice! Wait, but which one is best: blender or juicer? Let’s answer that question first.

If you don’t have either one, a blender would be the more versatile investment option. And if you already have a blender, you can use it to create celery juice. You’ll just have one extra step of filtering out the stalk fibers, so you’re left with all liquid. 

On the other hand, juicers automatically strain your juice, making it pulp-free. If you’re ready to commit to a juicing routine, it’s worth investing in one. It’ll make it easier for you to get in the habit of drinking celery juice.

Once you have your celery juice, enjoy it chilled for the best experience. It’s refreshing as-is. No need to add other ingredients. However, feel free to experiment with flavors to spice up your celery juice routine. You could add a squeeze of lime or lemon for some extra zest.

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The Takeaway: Celery Juice is a Healthy Way to Benefit Your Hair

To sum it up, celery juice is an excellent way to boost your hair’s health. Celery contains loads of beneficial vitamins and minerals that help your hair follicles, scalp, and hair cells. Regularly intaking celery juice contributes to a head full of luscious, shiny locks that you’ll love. 

Celery juice is often touted as a miracle health drink, with benefits ranging from weight loss to improved digestion. But what about celery juice benefits for hair?