What Is the Best Facial Hair Removal Technique for Women?

As women, we know the struggle of facial hair removal. Whether you choose to tweeze, wax, shave, or laser, it’s a whole process. No method is exactly zero-cost since they all require some type of tool, but some methods are far cheaper than others.

If you’re not ready to throw in the towel on keeping your lovely face hair-free, this article is for you. We’ll explore popular and unpopular methods of facial hair removal and discuss their pain levels, cost, efficiency, and more.

How to Choose the Best Facial Hair Removal Technique

Let’s begin with a few pointers on picking the right facial hair removal method. It comes down to a few factors. Consider the following points as you check out all the facial hair removal options in our article.

  • Amount of hair you want to remove
  • Your skin’s sensitivity
  • Length of time you want the results to the last
  • Your pain tolerance
  • Budget

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Before you tweeze, know that a high-quality pair of tweezers really can make a difference in the experience. Once you invest in your pair of tweezers, you won’t need to pay for anything else. That said, it takes time to get used to the little sting that comes every time you pluck a hair.

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Tweezers are ideal if you want to quickly and easily remove stray hairs from the comfort of your own home. Pluck those bad offenders every few days or weeks, depending on how fast yours grow. It’s easy and simple, but if your hair removal needs are more drastic, you may want to opt for a more thorough method.


If you haven’t heard of the term “depilatory,” you may still know the concept. Depilatories are simply hair-removal creams. They work by breaking down your hair’s proteins. Usually, you apply depilatories, wait a few minutes, then rinse it off (along with your hair). 

It sounds like an easy option, but you need to be careful with these hair creams. Is your skin usually sensitive? If so, it might not be a good idea to apply depilatories. They may leave your skin irritated, itchy, and red. If you leave them on too long, it can be painful. 

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Test a new hair-removal cream on a small patch of your skin, ideally in a less-sensitive area like above your eyebrows or on your lower cheek. You might see some redness when you rinse off the cream, but if there’s no irritation or pain, you can proceed to apply it to the area you want hair-free.


Dermaplaning is when you (or a professional) clear away fuzz, hair, and dead skin cells with a very sharp little razor. It basically exfoliates your skin while getting rid of hair. It’s a win-win. After your face is dermaplaned, it feels smooth and soft.

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You can purchase dermaplaning equipment and do it yourself at home. Typically, licensed aestheticians dermaplane your face before something like a makeover or chemical peel. Thanks to the availability of dermaplaning tools, you can skip the clinic visit. Just be cautious handling the razors at home, and do a small test patch before proceeding.

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Here’s a more traditional hair removal style for you. Waxing is a tried-and-true method, although it hurts! If you want brow touch-ups, reshaping, ‘stache removal, or even full-face hair removal, waxing is a quick and highly effective option.

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During the waxing process, wax is heated up so it’s melty, then the aesthetician applies it to your face. It cools for a moment before the aesthetician rips it off your face, taking your facial hair (including the root) with it. It’s best to leave this to the professionals, especially if you need your brows waxed.

Waxing appointments for facial hair removal aren’t necessarily cheap, but they’re more cost-effective than other options (like lasering). Waxing is temporary, though. The hair will grow back in a few weeks or up to six weeks. After a few waxing sessions, you’ll get used to the sting of it. Skilled aestheticians make the process as fast and painless as possible.

Waxing Kits

Are you a DIYer? If so, you may have already side-stepped our advice to leave waxing to the professionals and started a search for at-home waxing supplies. It’s understandable to want to remove facial hair comfortably at home, so waxing kits are worth a mention.

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Before you try one, remember that self-induced waxing is a little tough, depending on your pain tolerance. It might be easier for you to allow someone else to rip off the wax. Perhaps you have a helper at home. If not, waxing yourself is still possible.

Waxing kits usually come with cloth strips, wax, and a little applicator. You need to heat, apply, and remove the wax yourself. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions to avoid skin damage.


Sugaring is pretty similar to waxing, but the material and application are a little different. Sugar, lemon juice, and water make up a paste that’s used for sugaring. After it’s applied to your face, it’s ripped off in the same direction the hair grows toward. Wax is ripped off in the opposite direction, FYI. 

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Sugar paste is water-soluble, so it’s easier to wash off than wax. While wax must be heated up to work, sugar paste is applied at room temperature. Another benefit of sugaring is that you can use it to remove very short hairs from your face. It’s worth a try if you haven’t already!


Threading is another tried-and-true method that’s wildly popular. Some women prefer threading over waxing, but the opposite is true, too! Threading is when the aesthetician uses twisted cotton or polyester thread to rip off rows of hair at a time. 

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This method is extremely precise. Brow threaders can even pluck individual hairs with this technique to achieve the perfect beauty standard. Depending on your hair growth pattern, threading lasts two to six weeks. Your threader can shape your brows, remove stray hairs on your cheeks or chin, and clear away ‘stache hairs.


Think of a hundred tiny tweezers pulling your individual hairs in unison. That’s what an epilator does. It’s a little electric machine that, when turned on, rotates at its head as it plucks. They range in size, style, price, and more. Some even have exfoliating attachments.

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If you think tweezing or threading hurts, epilators will, too. It’s painful, and the process is slower than ripping off strips of wax or sugar paste. Epilation is also less exact than waxing, threading, or laser.

Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal has improved over the years, but it’s still pricey. That said, consider the effectiveness as you check out prices. Laser hair removal lasts much longer than threading, waxing, or tweezing. You may only need touch-up treatments every several months, compared to every few weeks for other methods.

laser is one of the best facial hair removal methods for women
Laser hair removal is effective, but expensive.

Laser hair removal leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, but it takes a few sessions to completely remove the hair. Sensitive areas, like your upper lip, may be extremely painful.

Your aesthetician can work wonders to help manage your discomfort, but it’ll hurt. Many women prefer laser hair removal because of the infrequent touch-ups. Over the long run, you may save money on hair removal.


How could we leave shaving off the list? It’s a classic way to remove hair. If you invest in a high-quality razor and shaving supplies, it can leave your skin feeling gloriously soft. There are some risks, like razor cuts or ingrown hairs. You also need to practice before getting it exactly right.

shaving is a good facial hair removal technique for women.
Sometimes the old methods are the best methods when it comes to hair removal.

Despite the downsides of shaving, it remains a popular hair removal method, especially if your facial hair grows fast. Keeping a razor on hand to erase stubborn facial hair is easy and efficient. It’s also much more price-conscious than a procedure like lasering.

Electrolysis Session

Ever heard of electrolysis sessions? In an electrolysis session, a needle shoots an electrical current down to the hair follicle. This electric current effectively causes hair growth to stop. As it sounds, it’s pretty painful. Similar to laser treatments, this method involves multiple sessions in order to work.

Let’s get to the good part. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method to permanently – yes, permanently – remove hair. So, if you can stomach the steep price point and pain level, it’s a great facial hair removal option. It could very well be the investment you’re looking for to manage your facial hair once and for all!