Best Adult Snow Sleds For Winter Fun

When you think of sledding, what comes to mind? Snowy winter vacations as a kid, whizzing down a hillside? Well, there’s no reason all the fun and joy of sledding should be reserved for kids! Keep reading to find out about adult snow sled styles and which sleds we recommend! 

Four Main Types of Sleds

Let’s start with a basic review of the choices you have when it comes to sleds.

  1. Downhill Sleds:
    • Here’s a classic sled for ya! The downhill sled is a minimally designed plastic sled. Some come with built-in steering, and some even have a braking system. 
  2. Luges:
    • Are you into sled racing? If so, you’ll probably want a luge. People who ride luges, known as lugers, lay flat on their backs in these speedy one-person or two-person sleds. They’re steered via foot pedals. Fiberglass, a lightweight and durable material, is the standard material for luges.
  3. Toboggans:
    • Think of a surfboard but for sledding. Toboggans are lightweight, possibly made of wood. They’re flat, and the front end is curved up and back so you can fly easily over that snow-covered ground. Wooden toboggans are simple, eye-catching choices if you’re looking for a classy adult snow sled.
  4. Pulkas:
    • Are you a cross-country skier or snow hiker looking for a way to haul your gear? That’s the purpose of pulkas. These sleds are made for towing just about anything over long (or short) distances. You can even use them to pull your kiddos along for a joy ride through the winter wonderland!
best adult snow sleds
Adults should choose a larger sled for maximum sledding fun.

How to Choose the Right Adult Snow Sled

Now that you know the main categories of sleds, how do you go about picking the right one? Hold onto your mittens; help is on the way. Read below to find out a few pointers on choosing the right adult snow sled.

Where will you be sledding?

Will you sled on flat land or hilly terrain? Is the snow soft or hard? Will you need to manage extra-steep slopes? Consider all of these factors as you look at different types of sleds and their features. Use this information to determine what material and functions you can’t do without.

How many people do you want on one sled?

If you’re looking for an adult snow sled, perhaps it’s not just for you. Do you want to double the fun by adding a partner, friend, or child on the sled with you? If so, that’s a good starting point. Filter your choices with large sleds or those specially made for two people.

Do you have a set price range?

Are you checking out sleds with a budget in mind? The prices fluctuate quite a bit. On the cheap end, you may spend around $30 for a simple style. More complex, professional, or longer-lasting sleds may cost hundreds of dollars. While the sled quality and style may be limited with a lower budget, you’ll still be able to enjoy memorable and exhilarating snow days with your new toy!

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Sledding isn't just for kids!  Grab one of these top adult snow sleds and start having fun.
Add more fun to the wintertime with an adult snow sled.

Sled Safely by Using These Essential Tips

Participating in winter sports carries some level of risk. Sledding’s no different. So, how can you minimize risk and stay safe while you sled? Here are some tips for you.

Wear Proper Clothing

Gear up! It’s probably cold out if you’re snow sledding, so keep that in mind as you dress. Wear a beanie or hood to keep your head warm. Wear cozy boots or sturdy shoes with wool socks to prevent frostbite on those toes. Gloves will protect your hands from the cold and from whatever part of the sled you’re holding.

Pick the Right Sled

Do not attempt to “sled” on objects that are potentially unsafe. Flimsy plastic or other makeshift sleds may cause injury. It’s best to select a sled that can hold your specific weight (especially if you’ll be sledding with another person or a child). 

Check the Weather and Terrain

Avoid getting caught in awful weather by checking winter conditions before you head out there. Weather awareness is even more critical if you’re going to a remote area. Always tell at least one person where you are headed to better prepare for emergencies. Assess your sledding area for hazards like debris or rocks before launching.

Warm Up

Stretch and limber up before you engage in sledding. It’ll help your body prepare for physical exertion and prevent injuries. Sledding is fun, but it’s also a great workout for your glutes and legs, so warming up will make sure you stay sledding all day.

Use Proper Form

The right form can help prevent harm as much as any of these tips! Proper form helps you stay in control of your sled as you whiz downhill. Depending on the style of sled you have, your form could be different. It’s a good idea to see what the right form is for your style of sled. For a standard adult snow sled, sit up straight and hold the reins or handles with both hands.

Stay in Control

Losing control while on your joyride would get the adrenaline going, but it could also spell trouble. Avoid injury by maintaining power over your sled. You should always be able to safely steer around hazardous objects. Don’t let yourself go too fast!

Learn Safe Stopping Techniques

Does your sled have a braking system? Great! If so, learn how to use it properly and practice before taking on big hills. If it doesn’t, you must brake manually using your feet. Drag them on the ground on either side of the sled to slow down and stop. Note that if the sled stops suddenly and you’re not firmly planted, you’ll fall forward. That’s why it’s crucial to stay in control and come to gradual stops.

Best Adult Snow Sleds on the Market Today

Kick-start your adult snow sled search with our top recommendations. Find the most popular sled features and styles with high ratings below. Keep our selection tips in mind as you browse these choices, and be ready to get your sled on!

1. Snow Sled with Padded Seat

A padded seat? Now we’re talking! This adult snow sled is designed for maximum comfort. If you’re a beginner, the simple design and hardiness of this sled will likely appeal to you. It even has built-in handles for a secure ride, and the entire sled is insulated to protect you from the cold surface below.

GoSports 2 Person Premium Snow Sled with Double Walled Construction, Pull Strap and Padded Seat

2. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer Sled

Glide over the snow on this cushy foam sled. It’s simple and lightweight, qualities that are great for travel. Instead of sitting upright, you’ll lay belly-down on this sled and hold the handles as you slide.

Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer 2-Person Snow Sled. Foam Plastic Double SNO Slider

3. Flexible Flyer Large Steel Runner Sled

You’ll hear the sleighbells jingling as you ride this classic steel-and-wood sled. The bright red steel contrasts beautifully with the smooth birch wood, giving you the perfect opportunity for winter wonderland photoshoots. You can steer it manually or by attaching a rope (not included) to the front bar. One main draw of this sled is the steering bar, which offers the most control.

Flexible Flyer Large Steel Runner Sled. Metal & Wood Steering Snow Slider. Adult 60"

4. Snow Racer Sled

Not willing to compromise speed for safety? We get it. That’s why we added the GoPlus Snow Racer Sled to the list. You can zoom down hills and tap the extra-sensitive brakes whenever you want to slow down. It’s anti-slip and has a cushioned seat. Plus, it has a tow rope if you want to use it to pull around your friend or kiddos!

Goplus Snow Racer Sled, Ski Sled Slider Board with Twin Brakes, Steering Wheel, Retractable Pull Rope, Snow Bike Sled for Toddlers Age 4 & up, Holds Two Kids/A Teenager/an Adult

5. Yukon Charles’ Hammerhead Adult Snow Sled

Look like a sledding pro in the Yukon Charles adult snow sled. It has a sleek, hardy design that’s built to last. The steering system, made of stainless steel, cannot be beaten. It’s versatile, so you can ride it feet-first or head-first.

Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD Steerable Snow Sled with Aluminum Frame , Green ,51" x 22.5"

6. Snow Tube

The Snow Tube is perfect for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping. This tube is made of heavy-duty vinyl and features a padded bottom, so you can stay comfortable while you’re speeding down the snowy hill. It’s also equipped with a tow pull rope, so you can take turns sledding with a friend.

EPN Snow Tube, 55" Extra Large Snow Sled with 1 mm Heavy-duty Thickened Bottom Higher Sturdy Handles Cold-resistant PVC Inflatable Sled Toboggan for Kids Adults Sledding Skiing Winter Outdoor Fun Toys

7. The Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Large Pull Sled

We found a plastic toboggan that’s perfect for a wide range of activities. Want to haul gear or kids over snowy terrain? Do you ice fish? Are you looking to stack up a few friends in your sled? The Flexible Flyer pull sled helps with all those scenarios. It’s a simple design, but it’s sturdy enough to hold gear or more than one person.

Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Large Pull Sled for Adults. Plastic Toboggan for Snow Sledding, Ice Fishing, Work, Blue, 66 x 20 x 6 inches

Sledding is a Thrilling, Memorable Outdoor Activity

To sum it up, people of all ages have the right to enjoy a good, old-fashioned sled ride. Let gravity do the work and build memories to last a lifetime with this exciting, wintery activity. With so many adult snow sled choices, what’s stopping you from going on a frosty adventure? Whichever sled you choose, stay safe and enjoy your downhill dash!

best adult snow sled